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Maliachigh, Rapper, Actor, and Model On E! Online’s Hit Show, Dating: No Filter

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Endorsement is a way of showing belief in someone- in their abilities, intelligence, and integrity. Modern-day businesses use this strategy to exemplify their values to potential customer segments. Celebrities use endorsement deals as a marketing tool, an effective means of enticing their fans and potential employers. Maliachigh, also known as Maliachi Broadwater, believes that the power of endorsements should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to fostering growth and development. He was recently invited to participate in E! Online’s Hit show “Dating: No Filter”, an opportunity that has since widened his network of acquaintances.

Maliachigh is a rapper, actor and model from Indianapolis, Indiana, and an alumnus of Howard University where he pursued a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Maliachi is currently Los Angeles based, but internationally known, and has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. The reality of being an entertainer in the United States often demotivates people like him. However, Maliachigh has countered all odds and barriers to forge a career in this industry. He manifests everything positive in his life, an approach that always fulfills his existence. He landed a spot on the show “Dating: No Filter” which aired on E! Online for several weeks. While it seemed like a fun experience for Maliachigh, he was indirectly using the limelight to market his talents.

A producer from E! Online directly contacted Maliachi Broadwater for a possible role in the show. It was never going to be an easy endeavor, but Maliachigh was excited to try something new. He was supposed to bring out the realities of the modern dating scene for the right-swiping and socially savvy generation. Maliachigh was to link with real singles in the most intimate and outrageous way. As a creative, he had to utilize his comical demeanor to present specific themes about dating in the current millennia. The beauty about everything is that all members who participated in the show were sponsored by E! Online.

Maliachigh knew that the exposure had to be maximized to the fullest. He admits that there is always competition in this line of business- everyone wants to be the best. While Maliachigh feels like he always has his own lane to succeed in, he has no problem taking opportunities that elevate his status. He considered himself as a product while acting in the show. The value of products tends to rise if they prove to be admissible, effective, and reliable. Maliachigh believes that his overall performance has boosted his reputation in the entertainment industry, and he expects more opportunities like this in the future.

With persistence, hard work and a reliable network, Maliachigh is confident that his career will continue to blossom in the coming years. All dreams are valid, and why not win a Grammy?

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