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Deon Young Drops New Banger “Lose Control”

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Deon Young is from Harlem, New York City. For Deon Young, music has always been an intimate and integral part of his life as he started singing at the young age of eleven. In Deon’s own words, he didn’t choose music, music chose him. At a very early point in Deon’s career, he got signed to Epic Records. This was a huge opportunity for Deon, as it is uncommon for emerging artists to attain such feats at the earliest points of their music careers. This wasn’t just a record deal to Deon, it was a great opportunity for him as an artist to learn about the essentials and foundational components of the music business. This was an opportunity he made great use of. One of the highlights of his musical career was performing at the White House for President Obama. Deon worked in the Hip Hop Health department at Harlem Hospital, and was invited to be an ambassador for Michelle Obama’s Easter youth event.

For Deon, it has always been about authenticity and staying true to the actual artistic essence of making music. However, it gets quite disappointing when people tend to be “more tuned to the drama than the actual music-making.” Expressing his disappointment, Deon said, “I make music to feel good. I’m not dissing anyone, just making good music.” Tapping musical influences and inspiration from those he considers as “the authentic,” he regards greats like 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Birdman, Kanye West, Nipsey Hussle, and The Dream as his biggest musical influences and inspiration.

According to Deon, being an independent musician and being able to release music that gets appreciated and loved are just some of the things he considers as his biggest achievements. Deon’s latest project, which is available on all streaming platforms, is titled “RNB DRILL: The Lost Files.” A video is out for lead single “Lose Control” which was produced by JB MadeIt.

Aside from music, Deon also has passions for writing, arts, sports, fashion, and acting. Talking about what sets him apart in the somewhat over-saturated music industry, he said, “I have vision, I have personality in my music, I have soul in my music. I can do anything; I can create new genres and sounds, I can sing at the highest level without auto-tune and I can rap at the highest level. I can also predict what the people want to hear and feel. I know my music history; I know what direction music wants to travel, and I know how to create what can sell at the highest levels. I can express anything to anyone. I’m a game-changer.”

Talking about visions and plans for the future, he hopes for a few Platinum albums and a Diamond album under his belt. He also hopes to pave way for a new wave of artists, songwriters, and producers in the industry. He also plans on dropping more projects, playing more shows, and selling more merchandise under his imprint.

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