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Tippy London Is Making A Huge Impact In The Rap Game

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Anyssa Jackson AKA Tippy London had slipped into depression after her boyfriend’s death. She was not making any music and was in deep depression. Meeting a rapper and falling in love again has brought Tippy London back to life.

The artist works as a real estate agent, wig collector and also has a fitness brand to her name. But music is her true calling. The rapper has been creating music since she was 14 years of age with her twin sister. She had even shifted to Dallas for the same in 2018 but she didn’t like the experience and shifted back to Louisiana.

Tippy London was living with her boyfriend and they have a girl child together. Things didn’t go the right path and they broke up after being together for 6 years. She had told him she wanted to get back to making music and he had supported her decision. But fate had other plans. They parted ways and after some time her boyfriend met with an accident leading to death. Tippy London forgot about music and got depressed.

With time giving her love again, things started to look great and London started working again. Today she is managing her life well and is back to the rapping game with her boyfriend who is a local rapper.

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