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Sound Alive Records Presents: Chryme101 – “Whole Camp”

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Ms. DJ (General Manager at Sound Alive Records): 
We sat down with Chryme101 & discussed his latest record “Whole Camp” with over 16,000 views in 2 weeks the record produced by Super Producer E. Smitty has been gathering momentum so we picked his brain about life & music. He’s definitely on the come-up so we emplore you to checkout the interview and listen to “Whole Camp” out now on Sound Alive Records.
Who is Chryme101 & what does it mean?
Chryme101 is a loyal guy tapped into his main character. Growing up seeing just as much Injustice as the Next. My idea is for me to do something about it by using my voice. It may seem like Chryme101 are negative if you don’t pay attention. If you listen close you will hear me striving to dig the royal family out of the triple stages of Darkness. Chryme101 is a professional recording artist from Yorktown Virginia (Lackey). When you don’t know better you don’t do better, they passing out football numbers and I don’t want one. Chryme101 means Wisdom, Strength , and beauty I spell it differently because I’m creating a different meaning. Crime is felt in every home in America that is the same way I want my music to enter homes. ” I want em to love Me like they love Pac” 50 cent.

Tell us more about your music History (Affiliations) who you came up with in the game?
Well of course when you live in the mix you run into a whole bunch of rappers and people who want to be producers marketers and etcetera. When it comes to getting a real opinion sometimes you got to go outside of your comfort zone. People who grew up with you and know you love you no matter what. So in return they turn into yes men (lol) respectfully. Poe 1 Reality Check & The Lab recording studio in Hampton Va. Tap in. And most recent Ecmd worldwide experience & Sound Alive Records, Those are my to go people!
Name some of your favorite Artists?
Keith Murray Yuck Mouth Blind Fury and of course Method Man “Tical”. Guess that explains my weird dialect.
What music are you working on? & when Are Your current & upcoming releases dropping?
I’m working on a new release Already Platinum. Gonna have like 12 slappers on there before 2022 is over. I want you to hold me accountable. Every thing goes right Sound Alive Records will host my first project. E. Smitty is one of the best producers I have ever met. I’m promoting the new single “Whole Camp” produced by: E.Smitty I’m starting to love this song more and more everyday. Available on all platforms. Whole Camp is my way of saying control your higher self you will not have people around to pick you up.That one time you need people no one will be there. I was just blessed for my whole Camp to stay and for that I’m forever grateful. “Even my Dog gotta wear a muzzle.” Chryme101 

If you had to pick 1 Artist to feature on a record with you who would it be?
I probably said this 1 million times before. I would really love to record with Greg Nice from nice and smooth my top artists, even though there are plenty more. However, that would be my dream calab.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
In the next 5 years I see myself having no stress at all comfortable with my craft and my Whole Camp not needing for nothing.I hold my family values real close. (loyalty is mandatory.)

What’s your favorite destination?
Been to some great places, Virginia has amusement parks, movie theaters stages honestly I don’t think I have seen my greatest destination. I’m always moving forward however, I can remember the time where Brown’s Park was my favorite place to go. If you wanted to find me you can find me at the park.(lol)
What can fans/listeners expect from your music?
Fans can expect 100% me, my honesty in life perspective pain, happiness, ( up’s -downs). Basically something you can use in real time.
How can fans find you online?
You can find me on sound alive records YouTube all platforms make sure you spell it correctly Chryme101. You can Google search Twitter: @chyme1011 Facebook: Chryme101-Topic Ig: Chrymeonezeroone email address: 

Any Shout Outs?

Free my Bros, shout out to this is 50 it’s in my bookmark. Shout out to E.Smitty for working with me on “Whole Camp” my favorite song to this day from Chryme101 1 goes out to the whole Camp Vs Galavants Poe 1Reality Check Virginia (Y.t.c.) stand up.

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