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Zo Duncan Drops Debut EP “Half Truths & Whole Lies”

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A cornucopia of sounds, which has already reached number three on iTunes’ UK Charts for best R&B Album, Half Truths & Whole Lies is subtle and mellow, yet home to deeper emotions.

Zo Duncan has already worked as a portfolio creator for other artists, but his priority is fresh, intelligent R&B for those who want something authentic at one of the most happening levels of the music industry. A proper music maven, he is a master at taking the bits and pieces of other genres and fusing them into a gumbo of delicious sounds and feelings. In the process, he turns out something that gives a fresh perspective on the encyclopedic library of genres and techniques he uses, but also serves as a way of saying thanks to the influences that drove him to create in the first place.

R&B has always wavered between passion and emotion – and Half Truths & Whole Lies balances both. Zo pays as much attention to the beats and production as he does thought-out lyrics and the overall quality of the song. His tracks are a rarity amongst the charts; with each verse carefully poised to fluctuate and resonate between vocals, lyrics, and bass in perfect synergy.

This EP rightfully deserves its awards. The songs are easy to listen to and get the groove of, but fun and emotional enough to be worth hearing time and time again. Zo is a jack of all trades who seamlessly balances his apparently disparate influences to make new music that grabs the ear and sticks in your head. It’s this attitude that has pushed him to make such a smooth velvety display of sounds. The richness of his inspiration and the diversity of artists he works with are clear in his final output. Half Truths & Whole Lies is soul food for the ears from beginning to end. It’s varied, balanced, and yet exciting enough to be worth listening to both with the windows down and the volume up or late at night with drinks and friends. Find it now on Spotify, Apple Music, or any of your favorite listening platforms.

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