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Ogee1523: Never 2 Late to Get Em Up

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Ogee1523: Never 2 Late to Get Em Up

Hip-Hop has evolved over the years, and no one knows this better than Bronx rapper Ogee1523. Influenced during the era when hip-hop was born, he has made it his mission to bring back the old school feel of hip-hop with the new school touch.

Residing in the Bronx projects, Gerard “Ogee” Allen became a hip-hop pioneer and artist. Though having a baby at 16 detoured his ambitions to be an artist, he continued to be connected to music. After retiring on January 1, 2021, Ogee1523 hit the studio with years of music motivation and a passion to make hip-hop what it used to be.

We got to sit down for a quick Q&A with Ogee1523 and here is what he has to say about his music and hip-hop:

Happy to be chatting with you, Ogee1523. What do you hope to show others through your music?

My music shows there’s always hope—no need to be feeling stressed out and depressed over a situation. The type of music you listen to will impact your day. I make that feel-good music, so when you’re listening to my music, it will make you smile or bust a quick dance move. My music will show you that you don’t always have to think negatively. Just stay positive and do right by others. My music will give you that old school feels like when the family used to get together, party, and enjoy each other’s company. It will give you that type of vibe. My music I’m hoping to teach the youth on how to put all this fun back into HipHop

How do you feel hip-hop has changed, and where do you see it transitioning to in the future?

From my era of HipHop to today’s, hip-hop has changed a lot in all areas. HipHop used to be fun. You can go out, have fun, and not have to worry about all the violence that’s going on in today’s HipHop. Hip-hop beef was just different then. But many aspects of hip-hop culture have changed. In 1979, America was introduced to a new type of music that would stay popular for decades to come. As various hip-hop songs were released over this span of time and as different sub-genres of hip-hop rose and fell, hip-hop culture was constantly shifting. Run DMC popularized a particular type of fashion, namely Adidas and tracksuits, but as hip-hop changed, so did the crimes – many MCs were copying or imitating flows. Still, as rap music became more and more popular worldwide, MCs began developing their own styles and flows. In addition to this, as time progressed, the lyrical nature of hip-hop would meet a vastly contrasting generation where some chose to utilize its power, and some did not. Without all the violence and jealousy in today’s HipHop, I can say HipHop is here to stay,

Your new release, “Get Em Up,” has hit over 100K views on YouTube in a month. Did you expect it to go this fast? And how does this make you feel?

Thank you. I didn’t expect the views to climb up so fast. It feels great because I have come a long way in this industry, and now I feel I am getting the just-do I have worked hard for. It definitely made me want to go harder on promoting the single and getting ready for the album by witnessing the views climbing up. But seriously, it feels really good – like I’m doing something right. Shawn States of 31mediagroup directed the video. He had the vision of just having fun with everyone dancing, arms swinging, and body moving with hands in the air. Having Fatman Scoop featured on the record also helped because of his fan base. I’m glad that my producer Q-Banga The B. C. E. and myself created the classic birthday anthem “Get Em Up.”

For those unfamiliar with the process of getting their music distributed to be heard, what did you have to do to promote this album for it to be successful?

I went through DJ Collision OG, DJ JOHNNY O, and the NERVES DJ’s out of Cleveland, Ohio. They have DJ’s in almost every city, and by them getting me radio interviews and playing my songs on the radio and playing the record in clubs around the world quickly gave it that buzz. Also, on social media, putting out ads to reach the people helped out. On Facebook, every time I see it’s someone’s birthday, I post the video on their timeline. I also put together a little 30.9-second video using their pictures with the song in the background. I joined a few DJ groups on Facebook, and I always post the video on their timeline & comments. I also joined a DJ pool that sent your song to all the DJs. You have to pay a little to start in this business, and success will follow. I have been making music for a long time, now it’s my time.

Will you have new music coming soon, and what can people expect from it?

Yes, new music is on its way. In March, I’m dropping an album titled “Never 2 Late” with nothing but feel-good music and dance tracks on it. I will also be dropping a few freestyles to keep the fans happy, smiling, and feeling good. My music, you can expect that good old-school vibe. Good music, and you can understand every word. It’s “grown folks” music which the youth can vibe to it.

How can people connect with you?

Instagram, Twitter & YouTube @Ogee1523. Facebook “Gerard Ogee Allen” or my website If anyone direct messages me, I do write back so fyi, it’s me that’s replying.

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