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Music, Business, Food and Family: Simplysola Is A Jack Of All Trades

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Simplysola from the Bay Area has made grand impact in the Music Business. The Nigerian Mogul has had a very successful journey as an Artist and Producer, However he is not a person that gets complacent. After finding success in his own music, he ventured into becoming an A&R and in 2019, Afropolitan Media Group (AMG) selected Sola to be the head of Global A&R. Simplysola is very open about his Christian upbringing and gives thanks to God for all his accomplishments. Growing up a Preacher’s Kid can be tough but early on Sola found a love for the music. He used his Christian roots to be a difference maker in the Music Industry, he says “so many companies take advantage of artists and we are changing the flawed system. We are for the artists.”

Simplysola went from Production, to Artistry, to being Head of A&R and his new business adventure is adding to the creative drive he possesses. Sola gave us the exclusive drop that he is currently in the works of releasing is own Food Trunk in the Bay Area called, “Simply Comfort”. Sola says, “I’ve always had a passion for food and it’s been something i’ve wanted to do for a while now.” Sola is flowing with so much creativity and new ideas constantly and this is a very exciting new chapter for him. We asked him what food would he likely serve and he told us, “Cooking is Art, when I came up with this idea I wanted to do something fresh and new. I am Nigerian and everyone knows the typical African cuisines but I thought to myself, why not put a Nigerian twist on different Cultural dishes! There’s so many cultures and so many styles of food but why not blend them together and make something we haven’t seen before, for example, Sushi, but replace the rice with Jollof Rice, it’s something very new and might catch people off guard at first but its the first step to bringing cultural differences in food together.”

The crazy thing about Sola is that he has no end. Just when you thought he was done he has something new in store. He also told us that he is getting ready to rollout his very own Podcast this Upcoming Summer of 2022 titled, “Simple Dose”. This Podcast will consists of all sorts of guests; Pastors, Artists, and even the average 9-5 worker. He says, “I don’t want there to be any discrimination, we all have stories and we all have something to share.” He told us that Season 1 is already being shot and finalized. We asked him what kind of content will be spoken on the Podcast and he said, “We want to have fun and get loose but there are very serious things happening around us everyday that needs to be spoken on.” Sola also wants his Relationship with Christ to show in the Podcast, so every topic discussed will have a foundational scripture to go with it. This Podcast will be like nothing you’ve seen before, Sola is confident, determined, and ready to expand.

Simplysola is on a Hot Streak and cannot be stopped. To say he isn’t a Jack Of All Trades would be ridiculous, He has consistenly and successfully executed every goal he’s set and got over every obstacle in front of him. In the new season of his life with his Food Truck (Simply Comfort), and Podcast (Simple Dose), Sola is leading his community in the right direction and setting a firm example.

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