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Emerging Star Cole Lumpkin Melds Genres for a Unique Musical Experience

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With over three years of consistently colorful releases, Cole Lumpkin has steadily emerged from the underground. He has amassed an international following of over 50,000, with over a million views and streams across all platforms. Along the way, Cole has collaborated with Talib Kweli and Joyner Lucas’s producer “DECAP” and alt-pop singer-songwriter Tor Miller.

Cole’s signature sound draws from an original combination of pop, progressive rock, hip hop, and soul. Dirty easy coast drums, dark chord progressions, fat bass, and nasty guitars serve as a unique complement to his airy and smooth singing style.

Experience a bit of Cole below and get ready for his upcoming official debut album, which is in the works now and set for release in 2022 via the Suite 484 record label.

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