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How DJ Mario Duran is Storming the Clubbing Scene in Miami

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A DJ is an incredible mix of creativity, passion for music, and entertainment. Engaging with the crowd and understanding the mood of the hour is not just anyone’s ability. This is where DJs separate themselves as real performers who can make any crowd groove. DJ Mario Duran has been firing up nightclubs with his refined sense of music and intuitive ability to read the crowd.

DJ Mario Duran started his journey into DJing at a very young age. After he discovered his passion for electronic music, DJ Mario knew what he would be doing for the rest of his life. Initially, he started by DJing at family gatherings and friends’ parties but soon found his place in some of the popular nightclubs in Miami. DJ Mario achieved his first milestone in 2008 when he was offered the job to be the on-air radio DJ or radio personality at the Iheart’s radio station Mega 94.9 FM in Miami. It gave him the opportunity to create his brand as an entertainer in Miami.

DJ Mario Duran’s rising popularity soon landed him on several musical tours around the world accompanied by prominent artists from the industry. So far, DJ Mario Duran has represented artists like Lil Jon, Maluma, Sech, and many more in major countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Spain, etc. After more than a decade of performing as a DJ in live shows and nightclubs, DJ Mario has become a sought-after name.

Coming to the recent achievements of Mario Duran, the DJ has become the face of Vibra Urbana in 2021 as the official DJ. Representing the biggest Reggaeton Festival in the U.S that is graced by top artists from different corners of the world, has been a landmark in Mario’s career. Besides Vibra Urbana, DJ Mario is also the official DJ of KiKi on the River in Miami and the resident DJ of LIV nightclub.

The list of achievements for DJ Mario Duran doesn’t end here. Presently he is performing 7 nights a week as a member of the famous Heavy Hitters DJ crew. It is a group of highly talented DJs from across the country recognized for their killer performances in major cities in the U.S. Heavy Hitters DJ crew also has a strong online presence and its fan following is increasing every day.

From the beginning of his career in 2008 to the present, DJ Mario Duran’s journey into the music scene in the U.S has been a roller coaster ride. However, Mario has grown into a seasoned DJ because he puts his heart and soul into music. Now he wants to share his knowledge to mentor budding DJs in the space giving the industry more promising talents.

DJ Mario Duran has noticed the lack of skills in new artists who are coming to the scene without honing their craft to perfection. DJ Mario Duran wants to help aspiring DJs develop some valuable skills like techniques to interact with the crowd and reading the mood of the crowd. He is also planning to have his own radio show in the coming years through collaboration with popular artists in the industry.

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