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CBG Makes Debut In The Music Industry

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Hailing from Polk County, Florida Ryan Antone McGee, better known in the music industry as CBG, is an American singer/songwriter.

Growing up, CBG would gain most of his motivation to strive for success in the music industry was because of his mother. Seeing how hard she worked as a single parent to provide sparked something in him to be different and make a change. With musical influence from Rod Wave, seeing how he stood out from many other iconic artists. CBG was able to create his own lane in the industry and style becoming a trend setter mostly for his voice that he uses to inspire young and older people. His recent single, “Insecure” touched many and created a shift now turning more attention to CBG.

When asking what advice CBG had for the younger generation he said, “be consistent, never give up, invest in yourself and always keep God first.

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