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Abran Lopez Is Set to Redefine Contemporary Jazz With his Next Release “Unsung”

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Jazz has been a popular genre that has enthralled Americans for decades. Influenced by European and even African beats, this genre has managed to preserve all the elements of music, surviving the waves of evolution. From the melody to the tune and even the harmonizing notes, jazz has been an engrossing sound to music enthusiasts’ ears. These elements fascinated rising musician and The Voice season-9 winner Abran Lopez to take this genre to a new level. His upcoming single “Unsung” will mark a new standard in contemporary jazz.

Abran Lopez started his journey in subways singing and entertaining commuters for a living. His entry into The Voice proved a major turning point in his career and a huge gain for the music industry. Abran fought poverty and several other challenges to support his dream of pursuing music as a career. His hard work and passion for music are reflected in his debut album, Breathless, released by Symphony Records. Although this album was part of his prize from The Voice, Abran successfully carved a niche for himself in the industry on his first attempt.

Currently a popular name in the live music scene across the U.S., Abran is known for his contagious energy and great stage presence. He has opened for several A-list singers and DJs from all over the world. He has also performed at several renowned music festivals like Buku, Ultra Music Festival, Lollapalooza, Pitchfork Music Festival, Las Vegas Carnival, and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Now, the 21-year-old artist wants to enthrall his fans once again with his music.

His upcoming project “Unsung” will be a scintillating single that will combine the magic of contemporary jazz with subtle undertones of hip-hop. The song is likely scheduled to drop in mid-April this year on the artist’s birthday. From what is revealed from the 30-second teaser that Abran shared on his Facebook and YouTube handles, “Unsung” will be an electrifying track for every mood and every occasion.

The music video was shot on location in dark alleys and the illuminated Times Square. Abran reflects his originality by ditching studios and returning to the streets where he started his musical journey. “Unsung” will mirror his real-life struggles as an artist. It is an ode to those struggling artists whose lyrics are left unsung, waiting for a platform to showcase their talent.

Abran is highly optimistic about “Unsung” and can’t wait to see the response from his fans. He feels that the song’s blazing lyrics will resonate with everyone fighting against odds to chase their dreams. For Abran, passion-driven people are unsung heroes who consistently pursue their dreams despite the challenges that come their way.

Apart from this upcoming song, Abran has several other projects lined up for 2022. In some of them, he has also collaborated with top artists in the industry. Like always, each of his upcoming projects will set new standards in the industry for aspiring artists and redefine contemporary music for listeners around the world.

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