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Why Rapper Seth Sheridan Became a Trend Setter in the Industry

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The music industry has always thrived on new trends. It can be a viral track created by artists or a particular act imitated by millions of fans online. What’s trending has always been the go-to favorite of aspiring and even seasoned artists who wanted to quickly grab the limelight. However, there are a few who decide to go against the flow. These are the ones who don’t follow the trends but believe in setting them. Rapper and musician Seth Sheridan is one of them. He took the art of live streaming on social media to another level, setting a world record in 2021. With his name already enlisted in the American Book of Records, the talented artist is ready with yet another surprise for his fans.

Starting his journey at a very young age as a Foley artist, Sethclimbed up the ladder of success as a content creator on YouTube. Fans and contemporaries alike have lauded his unique compositions and distinct approach to contemporary jazz. Seth used his time indoors during the pandemic to hone his skills and showcase his talent to the world. Losing his job almost overnight left him with no other option to survive but to earn an audience.

Seth finally found a fulfilling career after fighting acute poverty growing up in Nevada, dropping out of school at 15, and working several odd jobs to make ends meet. Even though he was rejected by his recording manager who wanted the Foley artist to mind his own business rather than try his luck at singing, Seth persisted. He was confident in his talent. Earning over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel “Bossy Beats” exemplifies his unparalleled talent. To celebrate the achievement, Seth organized a 24-hour, non-stop live stream in March 2021, singing 30 songs while interacting with his fans.

Seth’s unusual approach to music has helped him distinguish himself in an industry that blindly follows trends. When he released his debut single “Bleeding Soul,” it instantly became a viral trend on social media. From ringtones to TikTok reels, the song was heard in every corner across the country. It had endless remakes and has been recreated by several influencers in their dance videos. Seth’s euphonious voice perfectly complements the fast jazzy beat of his song and the energy it oozes. The electrifying track and the smooth transition in pitch are magic for the ears. “Bleeding Soul” made him an overnight music sensation on social media.

Currently, with 2.5 million subscribers, Seth is seen in many collaboration videos with popular DJs and artists on social streaming platforms. Seth is set to organize another crazy live stream on his channel to commemorate the first anniversary of his world record. He plans to drop his debut album this March and will live stream the recording of 5 selected songs from it. He made this announcement on his Facebook account at the end of this February, leaving his fans craving his next stream.

Although the young rapper has not announced the exact date of his next live stream, his fans are expecting it to be on the same date as his record-setting live stream last year. Seth is working on several projects that are likely to drop this year, but he is optimistic about his debut album, which he feels might set another viral trend online.

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