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Meet Julia Klochkova, a Genre-Bending, Talented, and Driven Artist With a Powerful Story

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Julia Klochkova is a genre-crossing, talented, and driven artist whose sole focus is to create quality music and to connect with her fans. For her, music has been a part of her life since she was a teenager, it’s a lifelong passion that is paying off for her. From growing up in a musical city to now living and playing music full-time in has found a way to turn her passion into a calling that she’s not done with yet.

With a brand new full album set to drop in March, we had a conversation with her to learn more about her story, her music, and where she sees this whole journey going from here. We found that behind the incredible music she writes is a thoughtful, creative, and visionary individual who is on the path to becoming a household name.

To get started, we asked Julia about how she got started playing music, and here is what she had to say.

” I want to create music that someday maybe other people can sing together in the car and make memories.”

Having a family connection like that, having an important memory or attachment, and starting this journey during those formative years really helps you grow as a musician. Given where she is now, we would say that it’s an important part of her story.

And where she is right now is a life of creating and playing music.

“I play music full time for a living, 4+ nights a week (sometimes 7+!!!) and have been for years now. I’ve met so many interesting people and received so many incredible opportunities to travel, record and perform along the way.”

“I’m inspired by musicians that are not stuck in one genre— boundary-pushers, people who create music for themselves and let it end up wherever it ends up. I’m inspired by my friends, family and past experiences.”

Artists that focus on making good music instead of just being a brand or creating a specific sound are our favourites. The music is really what it’s all about for Julia Klochkova and that resonates well with her fans. When we asked her about the highlight of her career so far, she highlighted two moments to us.

“Releasing my first song and opening for notable acts and singing my favourite song with people on stage.”

With the new album coming out this month and the new single performing well, Julia Klochkova is set up for another big step in her career. We asked her to explain in her words why music fans around the world should check her out.

“I write songs based on my real-life experiences and I hope that people can identify with them, as I do with other artists’ music. My songs are ones that you can sing along to in the car, happy or sad!”

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