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AbsorberYT is Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Professional Gamer

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Considering all of the gamers and entertainers that transition to streaming on twitch and YouTube, average content creators are frequently overshadowed by the massive amounts of attention placed on all-ready celebrities. With the likes of Ninja doing gaming streams with famous artists such as Drake and Travis Scott, and the game Fortnite merging the hip-hop industry with gaming industry, it is often difficult to isolate and support quality content creators, who are not just part of the hype.

There is a short list of professional gamers and content creators who are actually known for the quality of their work and content, and not just for the publicity stunts that they use in order to gain traction. Possibly atop this list is Hamzah Saadah, born on March 17th, 2003 in New Jersey. This eighteen year old viral sensation and professional gamer has truly roused the gaming industry, and may even be your favorite rappers, favorite gamer.

Hamzah, better known as AbsorberYT, is a professional gamer and content creator who streams Fortnite for his followers. His main platform of entertainment is YouTube, where the young man boasts over 3-million dedicated subscribers, and has even received a YouTube plaque. At such a young age, this is an incredible accomplishment. As if his YouTube portfolio was not enough to surprise, or impress, AbsorberYT also boasts over 5.5 million followers on TikTok. That’s right, 5.5 million… On top of that, some of his TikTok videos have surpassed 5-6 million views per individual video. Similar to his other platforms, AbsorberYT’s Instagram is on par with mainstream influencers, at over 300k followers. At the age of 18, can anyone say that AbsorberYT is not one of the largest and most influential streamers at such a young age?

AbsorberYT has gained so much traction that he even made it to the top 20 of the FaZe 5 challenge. FaZe clan, a professional gaming organization, has been committed to gaming for years. This organization hosts an annual competition to give gamers and content creators an opportunity to rise above the rest, for a chance to join FaZe. Of the millions of gamers and creators that joined, AbsorberYT made it to the top 20 in this challenge but ultimately fell short of reaching number one. Nevertheless, this is still an amazing accomplishment for an 18-year-old. Given his massive reach, it is no secret that this 10-million-follower sensation has close ties to many celebrities and artists, and AbsorberYT may secretly be your favorite artist, favorite streamer. For more information, check out AbsorberYT on Twitter here, Instagram here, and YouTube here.


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