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Twantooinked speaks on new music, growing as a musician, working with producers + what he has been up too early 2022.

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Twantooinked musician, American songwriter. Known for his melodic rap style and internet based lifestyle made a huge splash onto mainstream music with two successful singles with songs “Don’t care“ and “Ball.” While both surpassed one million streams the “Don’t care ” rapper says the doors to success continued to open through opportunity and relationships. He states “everyone was like how is this song doing this how was the video doing that, they wanted to tune in and see just exactly who this guy was and for most, I entertained.

Twantooinked says 2022 has been all about strategic game planning and constructing a whole year may be a lifetime’s worth of material to reach newer heights. He believes he has grown from missed opportunities while realizing when the opportunity presents itself you must take it almost immediately put pieces together Farley quick because more than likely those same opportunities will not present themselves again. Musically He will be working with multiple producers worldwide ranging from Boston to the United Kingdom however what is unique is all fall off what he says a friend tree. Meaning that most of his new music will be produced by close friends who have laid down their own blueprint and a fan base which has led to natural organic collaborations.

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