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Rapper Finesse Gang Polo Dreams Big and Promises New Bangers

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A US Hip Hop Rapper, Finesse Gang Polo, has been making waves in his current home of Orlando for years now. The artist lives and breathes hip-hop and for now, his main focus is growing his audience and releasing new music. “I have a new single coming out called ‘pof’ dropping around spring break, a music video for a hit single called ‘YFAF’ this summer, and an album this winter. This is going to be a super big year for me” the artist tells us in an interview.  

What drives Finesse Gang Polo is fans that listen and support him thru it all. “Knowing my music helps my fans get through their day-to-day drives me, also the grind and hustle drive me every day. I come from Pine Hills Orlando Florida, which is not the best place in the world, but to make it out of the hood was a blessing to show me it’s so much more than the hood.” Finesse Gang Polo told us, “but the hood made me into a strong-minded person with a drive for much more to life” he added.

Although Finesse Gang Polo comes from the hood, that does not stop the artist from dreaming big. “Touching over a million dollars is one of my biggest goals, but I also want to make this world a better place and help everyone be on the same page.” Growing alongside his music is his passion, and while for some these will always be just dreams,  Finesse Gang Polo is very ambitious and always makes sure his goals come true. 

If you are looking for new music you can turn up to and also relate to then Finesse Gang Polo is someone you might need to listen to. His previous single ‘Florida Water’ has racked up more than 36k views when it was released in 2020.

His other track ‘Drippin Logos’ indicates the straight-to-the-point, passionate lyrical prowess that has established Finesse Gang Polo as seriously hot property.

You can follow the artist on Instagram @finessegangpolo, his music will touch your soul, plus he has a lot of lit bangers that will uplift you and have you in a party mood.

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