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Eddie Van Halen’s Legacy Lives On in Upcoming House of Petals NFT

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There is absolutely no doubt about the talent that Eddie Van Halen had. He was a highly talented artist with exceptional guitar-playing skills that identified with his style of music. Above everything else, it would be an injustice not to mention how passionate Eddie was for music. Some of his close friends describe him as this special talent who would postpone everything else to turn attention to his music. In addition, Eddie’s creativity and innovation in making music are also something else to note. The talented guitarist is known for allowing ideas to flow and letting the information and inspiration come through him to create his music and magic freely.  

Notable alongside Eddie was his special guitar that heavily represented his creativity, passion, and dedication to music. The guitar was his special music equipment, and he would often freestyle to his fans wherever he went. Listening to some of his music will certainly give you a taste of how incredible Eddie was with the guitar. Some of his fans describe him as a magical human and profound artist and musician to ever live. 

The good news to Eddie’s fans is that the opportunity to cherish the great artist he was has finally come. One of Eddie’s guitars is set to be included as a rarity in the House of Petals NFT collection. Joey House, the owner of House of Petals, is planning to host a private metaverse that will include one of the legendary artist’s guitars. The guitar in question is one of Eddie’s specials and one that he specifically ordered to play in her garden at the house petals in Bel Air, California. Eddie loved to play the particular guitar during the unplanned jam sessions hosted during their time together. 

The NFT’s are not just backed by the physical items and a chance to get one of his guitars in your hands. They are also loaded with a utility like special access to the venue, its events, greenroom hangouts with artists, players, influencers, and many surprise utilities rolling out before and after this first NFT mint release.

The highly anticipated NFT will be held online at

The NFT also includes a matching signed case and one of Eddie’s guitar pictures. The NFT will go live on Thursday, March 25 at 8 am PDT and will remain open till March 31 at midnight PDT.

“The goal is to give the people an experience they will value, we’re just adding it in the metaverse. I relate it to when we used to go on tour, we kept evolving the experiences to make sure the fans don’t get bored,” shares music marketing expert Duquan Brown of Future Media HOP team lead.

Carrie Lyn of The Creativ House is one of the team members building the House of Petals NFT roadmap and partnerships, focusing on bringing long-term value to NFT holders. 

Proceeds from the sale of the NFT’s will go toward building the House of Petals in the metaverse, a home for the Rock N Roll community and fans alike. House of Petals will be hosting big concerts, virtual festivals, and casual sessions where upcoming artists will take over the stage. 

In honor of all that Eddie has done and in support of what he stood for, a portion of the NFTs will be donated toward initiatives that directly affected Eddie and his mission.

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