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Cole Z Highly Anticipated Album “Thus Far” 2/2/2022

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At 32, Cole Z has almost 10 years in the rap game. He recent released his newest album on 2/2/2022 titled “Thus Far.” It has been 5 years since Cole Z dropped a new project so this was highly anticipated by his current following. Cole Z started gaining buzz in Tacoma, Wa, when he did a 300 person sold out performance at a local venue called Jazzbones.
Cole Z plans to launch a tour and travel outside of the United States sooner than later. He is mostly inspired by Eminem, Hopsin, Logic, Futuristic, and J. Cole. He mostly produces his own music as well. However, Covid-19 has set his career back a bit because he got sick from it twice resulting in less music being released. Notably, after seeing the success of his recent album so far, Cole Z being able to write and produce his music in general seems to be no problem and he should definitely be performing/touring in and outside of the country.
We asked Cole Z what the album was about and he said;
“This is a compilation of life experiences and self motivation to follow your goals and dreams. In this album you’re getting raw lyrics and energy and also melodic hooks. It’s legit a perfect mix between the two.”
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