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Up-and-Coming Artist Auxberry Is One to Watch

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A voice for his generation, Auxberry is a musician who is spreading love and positivity with the world through his works. Born Brandon Tyler Thornsberry, this young artist redefines what it means to be an artist today, and is constantly inspired by the friends and family who have stuck by his side from the start.

He knows never to take anything in this world, or even this industry, for granted, and continues to work hard and keep his mentality focused even after all the success he’s experienced thus far. Auxberry is a humble guy, and always takes every compliment and note of praise with modesty. He states:

“Above all, I remember to be thankful for what I’ve got, because tomorrow is never promised.”

Whenever times get tough, Auxberry hops in the studio to really escape the world around him, and he surrounds himself with positive vibes. He understands that you have to protect your energy, so he’s very selective about who is in his immediate circle, and is even grateful for those who he lost along the way because it’s given him the rock-solid support system that he has today. 

He points out that he was always surrounded by people who were involved in the industry, which really gave him the wisdom he needed at a young age to take his career to the next level. Despite this, he explains that the best teacher is experience, so he’s grateful for all the experiences he’s gone through, because it’s gotten him to where he’s at today. 

To the other young artists coming up today, Auxberry stresses the importance of never giving up. He acknowledges the common artist plague of writer’s block, though he makes a point to say that even when you feel like you’re not writing your best, just writing something, because it’s better than nothing. Plus, as he’s done in his own life, he tells other artists to really focus on building a strong team, because they can push you when you’re feeling tired or down, and can keep you accountable to always work to the best of your abilities.

Auxberry looks forward to one day being able to give back to his community, and really tries to share his experiences, because he knows there’s a group of people out there who can relate to it. He knows his perseverance is what really sets him apart from the rest, and he’s always a go-getter at whatever task is at hand.

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