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Why Social Media is the Best Platform to Reach New Music Audiences: Loco Ink

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Social media usage has increased phenomenally over the last few years, and every business and industry has taken to the platform to gain mileage and reach. The music industry is no different.

Loco Ink, or Evan R Salinas, with his fingers on the pulse of the music industry at all times, swears by the power that social media holds in today’s times. “Social media has touched every aspect of life and business today. It isn’t just an online platform anymore. It is a way of life,” says Loco Ink, and we have to agree!

The numbers speak for themselves

With user numbers close to a staggering 4 billion, which is the same as half the world’s population, social media enjoys audience attention like no other online platform.

In the US alone, around 84% of the population from the age group of 18 to 20 years is active on social media. Any musician who has this group as the target audience has the potential to hit a gold mine by showcasing his impressive talent on social media.

Add to this the fact that every musician on the platform has unlimited access to new audiences. Put the right social media marketing tools to work, and even the impossible is possible.

Social media wins on the time front too

“Even the time people spend on social media is enough to let musicians know that leveraging this platform to reach new audiences is the only solution,” says Loco Ink.

Loco Ink’s observation is bang on target. With an average user spending almost two and a half hours on various social media platforms each day, there is indeed so much time to win audiences’ hearts.

Establishing a direct connection with the audience

“On social media, you grab the direct and undivided attention of your audience,” says Loco Ink. “Yes, you only have a few seconds to make an impression, but once you get them interested, there is no limit to how popular and successful you can be in the industry.”

With technology and social media playing their own set of roles in the music industry, audiences are now only an update away. Thanks to the two-way streets that these platforms are, even artists are a lot more accessible.

The social media influence is here to stay

Today, the mystery surrounding artists before the Internet revolution may have vanished, but this has only made artists think of new ways to grab the audiences’ attention. A lineup of radical strides in only a few years has brought about a revolution in the music industry.

“Leveraging the advantages of social media to reach new audiences is not an option anymore. It is a compulsion,” says Loco Ink, wrapping up his thoughts on the role that social media plays in the lives of music artists and audiences today.

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