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The next gen singer and music artist all set to take over the music world is Nour Atta. Entertaining millions of audiences with his blissful singing and tracks is a supremely talented music professional, Nour Atta.

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To excel in any field one needs strong determination, dedication and passion for their work. There is no short-cut to success, the only asset that works is patience and consistent efficient performance. When we glance at music industry, which is blessed with immense talent and great artists who have being entertaining the audiences from the decades. Several young individuals of music industry are enthralling with their skills and creative art in music world. Nour Atta is becoming one of the most prominent singers of the music industry. His music knowledge and melodious voice attracts the listeners.

The young artist always dreamt to build an iconic career in music industry, for which he worked extremely hard from tender age to accomplish himself. But as we know ‘Rome was not built in a day.’ Nour continued his efforts to bring out an amazing result for him. His recent releases were astonishingly hit and was highly appreciated for his performances in all his songs like – Stars, Mentality, Go on, On Me, Feelin and many more. The love of audiences encouraged him to work harder and creatively in his future projects.

Along with a music artist Nour is also a founder of @stockhours, @cryptohours, @tradelikenour and @iaexotics. This enhances his multi-skills and stupendous talent he is blessed with. His career graph has always gone-up steadily. Nour always kept on improving his music craft and voice texture through his own experiences. He was never afraid of failure and learning new things from it. His positive attitude towards his work criteria helped him to establish himself successfully in short span of time, without any Godfather in the industry. His unique voice texture is the soul of his tracks which pours happiness in the massive listeners life.

Today he is one of the youngest rising stars of the music world. His fans and millions of his listeners are his inspiration. Do follow him on Instagram @nourtrades and listen to his songs on Spotify @

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