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Up Next: How Artist Moeschino is Making His Mark on the Music Industry

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Maurice Holden otherwise known as Moeschino is from Brooklyn, New York. Moeschino has been doing music for over 10 years after writing his first song in high school senior year. Now, he is making sure he’s an artist no one can forget. After releasing back-to-back singles “Get to Da Bag” featuring B-Twix, and “Frenemies” featuring El Pacino, Moeschino has proven his hunger and versatility. Moeschino runs a label called Rich Legacy Records. In 2021, he signed with Trizzy’s Ruby Recordings. He released his debut single, Its My Time, in March 2021. You can tell the sound in Brooklyn is evolving daily and Moeschino has next. He is the voice of the youth in Brooklyn and he’s keeping it raw. Recently, ThisIs50 had the opportunity to interview Moeschino and you can read that conversation below.

What was it like growing up in your hometown? 

I had the best of both worlds. I lived in Brooklyn, East New York where it was rough. Hearing gunshots and sirens through my project window almost every night. My moms made me come into the house before the street light came on. I also lived in Snow Hill Maryland (Hill Top)  for like 5 years where it was calm and family-oriented. Where the whole town knows each other by our first and last name.

How has being signed to Ruby Recordings changed your life? 

It gave me hope, my boy Trizzy a real one. He saw a vision in me when some of my close friends could care less if I made it or not.

What all comes with your artistry and tell us about your creative process? 

You are going to get all of me. The good, the bad, the struggles, and lit life. However, I’m feeling that day will explain my music. When it’s time to create I smoke some hookah and take 3 shots of the Casamigos and get to work.

What made you want to release your new song “Soulmates?”  

I love a freaky female that can go for rounds and give the gawk gawk 300 lol. Nah to be honest my bro DJ AARON DA BEAT sent me a beat I went to the studio and came up with that song off the top. I usually write but that day I was on my pin no pad flow.

Since your career began, what would you say is your favorite highlight? 

getting paid for features. This was when I knew music is a job now and not a hobby.

Who would you want to collaborate with within the near future?

I would love to collaborate with these two female artists from Brooklyn Called “The Girl Codee“ their chemistry is fire and I know I would make a hit with them. Also, my son Cash Cobain my boy beats are fire.

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