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Randolph Francis LLC, A Music Consulting & Management Company

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Randolph Francis LLC is a music management and consulting company established in New Britain, Connecticut in April 2021. Businessman Randolph Francis is the founder and owner of the company. The company’s goal is to help music creators reach financial freedom with the ability to earn a living through their respective musical talents.


Randolph Francis is associated with many well known organizations and agencies including ASCAP and BMI. Currently, the company has over 9,000 clients including most of which were gathered through social media targeting.


“Our services help creators establish themselves as a business, eliminate expenses, generate ten times the amount of income, find effective marketing strategies, and ensure that their assets can be passed down to the next generation, providing generational wealth for their families.”

-Randolph Francis


The primary mission of Randolph Francis is to provide the best advice and resources to music creators at affordable prices. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the company and Randolph Francis.


According to Randolph, during their early days in the music industry, him and his business partner Jerome Grace didn’t have an easy start. Their determination and discipline kept them going. Over the course of time they learned and grew immensely.


After getting familiar with the music business, they planned to build their own brand. They created a step-by-step blueprint to walk them through how to publish and release music, motion pictures, lyrics and collect multiple streams of income from them. After successfully building their brand, the business duo realized that they have services that they could offer to help and educate artists.

Over the years, Randolph has worked with many industry professionals. This is how he acquired information, resources, tools, and skills required for consulting. Jeff Price was the closest mentor to Randolph Francis, and it was Jeff who inspired Randolph to help others.


Randolph’s company is top-rated with a 5 stars rating on Google. Here we’d like to quote a review left by a most recent client of Randolph named William Gregg:


“Randolph is very down to earth and extremely informative. He told me things about my music career that I didn’t even know he knew. His reinforcement of gaining understanding about the music business and the benefits that it came with was unparalleled. By far the best consultation I have received yet. Not only did I gain a mentor but also a friend. Very excited about expanding my knowledge base on the music business and building a relationship with a man of his caliber and genius.”

Randolph Francis’s advice for choosing the right consulting company:


“The industry professional you’re interested in working with should be transparent, honest, and accountable for their actions. They should also have proven leadership skills and have experience with the goals you want to achieve in your career.”

Randolph Francis’s advice to upcoming artists:


“Make sure you take the time to form a strategy before you start releasing your next album. It’s important to understand how to track and claim royalties from all of the different revenue streams that are available in the music industry. In addition, it’s vital that as an artist to stay motivated and focused, avoid discouragement. Always push yourself forward and never look back!”

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