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Lil Bike Shares His Biggest Successes and Challenges in the Rap World

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When renowned rapper Lil Bike dropped his first song, “Do it For You,” back in 2015, the track officially marked the start of his journey in the music industry. He says that this was one of his biggest achievements as he got to live his dream and share his music with the rest of the world. However, like any other venture, he has had both good and bad days. Almost seven years since he began his journey Lil Bike shares his biggest success and challenges in the rap world.

According to the talented rapper, artists face many challenges especially for a newcomer. He explains that with no contacts in the industry, you have no one to hold your hand and the competitive nature of the music scene makes it even harder to establish our place. Lil Bike also adds that the majority of beginners lack money to build a talented team around them, get vocal training, or finances to pay for studio sessions.

All these were challenges Lil Bike overcame. Born and raised in Monroe, LA, it was not easy for Lil Bike to get his music out there. He had to move to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was signed by the esteemed Think it’s a Game Records. He became the music label’s first signee from his city.

This opened more opportunities and made Lil Bike realize that he was now in the music business or, as Lil describes it, “the big leagues,” reminding him that he should take his craft seriously. His brand started to grow, gaining over 300K plays on Soundcloud. Lil Bike has written and composed several tracks, including “Grind,” “Behind Me,” and his latest release, “Real Love.”

He says that one lesson that he has learned on his journey is that no situation is permanent. You have the power to change your present situation and create the life you desire, says Lil Bike. 

When he was just getting started in the industry, Lil Bike was kicked out of his parent’s house, and he had to live on the streets. The sudden shift in roles from relying on his parents for almost all his needs to fending for himself didn’t sit so well with Lil Bike, and he didn’t know what to do. He says at one point, he even felt it was impossible to fulfill his music dream.

However, Lil Bike did not let that hold him back. He evaluated his plans and did not let his current circumstances stop him. Lil Bike took a big risk and moved to Atlanta, where he established and cemented his place in the industry, receiving worldwide recognition from his growing fan base.

Often some of the biggest things people consider as obstacles are opportunities in disguise. Looking back, although it was heartbreaking and frustrating to go through, the lessons learned and skills gained are helping him stand out as a rapper. Lil Bike says his goal is to create more music using his talent to spread positivity and share his story.

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