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How Babak Rabiee Turned His Pain into Music to Make an Explosive Comeback

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“Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.” – Mary Tyler Moore

Life is not easy. Each one of us has been through challenges and struggles that have shaped us into the people we are today. A similar thing happened with Babak Rabiee, the renowned musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. Coming from a humble background, the beginning of his musical dabblings was not that glorious or encouraging due to his unique voice that is amazingly captivating in its hoarseness. Even after he broke all the music industry’s standards, storming the jazz scene in the U.S., life has not been without its challenges for this 36-year-old artist.

Babak is gifted with a unique voice that has separated him from others since childhood. So when he went to music classes as a kid, the teacher instantly decided that music was not for Babak, so he was left alone to play with clappers while others learned to play the piano and the guitar. Babak was only 6 then, and it took a toll on his mental health, ruining his confidence to pursue music while growing up. Thanks to his friend Kevin, who came into Babak’s life like an angel, his passion for music was re-ignited.

Kevin helped Babak learn the basics of music because he took music lessons at home. This prompted Babak to write several songs in his teens. Unfortunately, due to his distinct take on music and sense of rhythm, no one agreed to voice his lyrics. In 2011, Babak took a leap of faith and recorded his own vocals while Kevin played the background score. The song was picked up by Symphony Records, who instantly signed the two for a 3-year deal to perform at famous music events. His debut single “Where Is My Sunshine?” smashed several records, earning Babak the prestigious CMT Award.

After coming unstuck, Babak’s career became unstoppable. Babak and Kevin rocked the stage at several events and got the opportunity to perform with many A-list artists. Just when Babak thought he would be scaling new heights, his career faced a huge setback with Kevin’s sudden death in a car accident. Since the first day of his career, Kevin has been his partner and best friend, playing some unforgettable background scores for his songs. Babak always believed no one could ever understand the mood and message of his lyrics the way Kevin did.

Babak withdrew from the music industry for the next two years. Even if he tried hard, Babak could not sing because he felt something was missing. He fell into depression and sought solace in music. He kept listening to old classics and jazz. Like before, Babak regained his confidence by penning down lyrics. While recovering from depression, Babak wrote the song “Sleepless.” He finally managed to sing it in 2017 to launch his YouTube channel “Bab’s World.” Babak entered the digital music space with this song, blowing up online in a few weeks. His followers shot up to 100K in just 2 weeks of its release.

“Sleepless” connected with the struggles of the youth whose dreams never let them sleep. Although the song started with a feeling of loss and pain, it ended on a positive note to keep the listeners motivated towards their goal. “Sleepless” again proved that Babak can never be broken beyond repair as an artist.

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