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M.E.I. Recordings, Founded by Music Executive Meikhel, is a Conglomerate in the Making

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To simply “be” in music is considered a lofty goal by many, but to thrive, flourish, and become one of the top in the industry is a goal seen as unattainable or even foolish. However, what tends to be once seen as a folly may later be seen as genius. Music executive and entrepreneur Meikhel Philogene (mononymously known by Meikhel) is on a mission to prove dissenters wrong and create the next conglomerate.

Meikhel founded M.E.I. Recordings back in 2017. Initially, M.E.I. (“Music. Entertainment. Imagination.”) Recordings started off as an artist management company with only one artist on the roster, Cameron Dietz. Today, the company now has various divisions. In 2020, M.E.I. Recordings expanded by adding a public relations division. Through its public relations arm, the company has worked with a plethora of talented, rising artists. “I love working with up-and-coming artists from all over the world with various sounds and backgrounds,” Meikhel stated. The company values representation and is a proud proponent of diversity. The founder and CEO, Meikhel, is of a minority background himself – Cuban and Haitian.

In 2021, M.E.I. Recordings’ managed artist, Cameron Dietz, released a single, “Old Soul,” with multi-platinum, West Coast legend The Game. M.E.I. Recordings’ most recent expansion includes a formation of a record label sect. In 2022, M.E.I. Recordings kicked off its record label division with its first release being “Messed It Up” by Ike Rhein, which featured platinum recording artist Luh Kel. The song was released in a partnership deal with Ike Rhein and has since garnered millions of views and streams.

M.E.I. Recordings is only getting started. The company plans to further expand in the near future. First, the company plans to add a sync licensing/music publishing division by as early as next year. The company is also in the process of creating talent agency and video production subsidiaries with hopes of launching by next year as well or early 2024.

Meikhel has a pet project apart from music. His clothing/apparel company, Psalm Infinity (stylized as Psalm ∞:∞), is launching later this month. Psalm Infinity blends a religious tone with cool, sleek streetwear. The company has vowed a percentage of its proceeds to be donated to a different charity each month. Meikhel explained: “The idea is to get the community involved, where they vote and choose which charity the funds go to on a monthly basis. Many people want to give back, but lack of resources and the how-to give back render giving back difficult. Therefore, I came up with this model to increase community engagement and make the process of charity interactive and fun for the community.” Meikhel is also currently working on establishing his law firm, “M.E.I. Firm.”

The “M.E.I.” brand is next up and ready to take the world by storm. Music from MEI to YOU that WE can enjoy. Follow the rise of the company and stay tuned for updates, Let MEI help YOU.

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