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Hip/Hop and R&B Star Mont’e Millions Looks to Create His Own Legacy Within the Music Industry

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Montressa L. Cunningham, widely known as Mont’e Millions, is an up-and-coming Hip/Hop and R&B artist from Miami, Florida. The artist is the son of Grammy award-winning soul/R&B legend Betty Wright and the nephew of prominent blues artist Yvonne Jackson. His grandfather, Elijah Cunningham, was even a part of the Elite Gospel Quartet group in the 60’s and 70’s. Music has always been in Monte’s blood, and he was destined to make his mark within the industry. Having a bloodline filled with talented musicians, Mont’e started writing music at the young age of 12 and was singing even before that at the age of 7.  At the age of 13 he started performing professionally for crowds, even singing with his superstar mother Betty Wright.  The family talent that surrounded Mont’e was what helped carve him into the elite talent that he is today.  With those three being his mentors at a young age, he was molded into a well-rounded artist and performer.

Mont’e started to gain tons of traction during his teenage years.  He got to perform on stage with the likes of Bo Diddley, BB King, and other top talents within the music industry. Despite his on-stage presence, Millions is starting to make an impact and name for himself off of the stage. After his mother passed in May of 2020, Mont’e started the Betty Wright foundation in her memory.  He started the foundation to help assist artists who are striving to get into a university for music. Mont’e has even started his own record label called Life After Death Entertainment, in which his first EP was produced in 2007.

The artist has even ventured into writing books, being the author of six pieces so far.  He plans to release a book soon called “Sally”, which is named after his very popular hit single that was released in 2020.  His sizzling single “Sally” has garnered almost a million streams on Spotify alone and thousands of streams on other music platforms also. Mont’e was also the first African American to ever have his own horse brand treats in “Sally Horse Treats”, which is unheard of for someone in the music industry.   Mont’e looks to have some other big projects planned ahead as well. He’s looking to release his vitamin water drink called “Sally Water” this summer and is projected to be a big hit. Mont’e is truly beginning to pave his own path to greatness within the music industry, following in the footsteps of his family members.  He wants to make sure that he will make a lasting impact on others within the music. Stayed tuned for the next big thing that Mont’e has in store by following his Instagram account @montemillions.

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