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Saynave Releases “Speak the Language”

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As reflected in the artist’s sophisticated lyricism, Saynave developed a deep fascination with language and aims to become a polyglot able to intertwine a variety of tongues in his art. In “Speak The Language,” the artist raps, “Ninapenda pesa, I’m a paper chaser,” with the latter part of the lyric translating to “I like money” in Swahili. The passionate linguist found himself studying Swahili with his wife in mind, as she is a Kenya native. With “Speak The Language” being representative of this new era of quality music working with Fogwood Records, Saynave continues to tap into the essence of success and perseverance characteristic of the Black Excellence movement. It is clear that his sharpness, relevant content, and desire to capture the rawness of today’s culture allow him to continuously find well deserved success.

What I like most about this visual its simplicity, while his flow feels familiar. Check out the visual below:


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