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Boi Blu, Inspirational R&B Upcoming Artist

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Hailing from Texas, upcoming R&B artist, Boi Blu makes his debut in the music industry. Being a young kid, mesmerized by the music videos that would come on popular TV shows, “106 & Park” and “MTV”, Boi Blu was determined to become a superstar and have his very own music videos displayed on the screen in front of millions of viewers. Boi Blu recalls listening to Sabrina Claudio’s, “About Time” album and began feeling so many different things because he never knew music could be taken to such a smooth level. As he dug more and more into her music, he started to get into the world of R&B.

The music Boi Blu makes is a mixture of everything he generally finds interesting. With a dominant presence in R&B, Pop and HipHop Boi Blu found a perfect mixture that would allow new listeners to instantly resonate with his sound.

Creating his music was no easy task as he is a perfectionist. Boi Blu firmly believes in quality over quantity. “I used to take weeks writing songs making the perfect chorus or verse or adlibs and now I’ve been doing this for so long, the writing process for me has improved significantly in terms of moving more quickly and speaking what’s on my mind. I know people will just continue to throw whatever out there in the mix as a way to keep their name fresh, but for me, it’s about getting your message out there as clearly as possible, the entertainment is just a plus really.”

We asked Boi Blu what the best piece of advice was that he had been given and he replied, “Stop thinking life is easy because it’s not. Don’t expect to be rewarded for doing the things you need to do and be on your hustle. When you work for something, you don’t just earn money, your earning dignity, pride, humility, character. Anybody can reach they goals when they stop talking about them and start being about it. Putting in that work isn’t easy, but there’s no better feeling than an accomplished feeling.” Staying true to his enlightenment Boi Blu went on to perform at several venues in his hometown, El Paso, Texas. From “Barbed Wire Open Mic Series” to “The Love Jones Experience” he had plenty of opportunities to build his fanbase and practice his craft. His favorite song to perform is “Closure” by Summer Walker one of his biggest musical influences.

Boi Blu has plenty coming down the pipeline as he continues to pursue his music career dreams. He plans on really just being in the world’s face more often this year and the following years. Currently working on new music which shall be released once the temperature starts to get warmer he is building a buzz around his already released tracks. It’s just something about music in the spring/summer time that just makes him feel euphoric. Boi Blu plans to build a team of genuine people close to him and wants to get the chance to keep performing and keep being the best artist he can possibly be. Taking it day by day and just hoping that everyone continues to enjoy what he has to give them.

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