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Marcoahz Drops New Single “Ambiente”

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Recording artist Marcoahz, born Marco Antonio Henriquez Moreno, drops his most recent single “Ambiente” changing things up this Caribbean influenced artist hails from the United Kingdom.  Originating in Spain, Marcoahz’s roots truly come from the heart of his music, the Dominican Republic.

Under his name brand he also embellishes a clothing line, blending the worlds of fashion and music as a self proclaimed entrepreneur. His next moves for the near future is to drop a new single titled “Mambo RK” and to get his music worldwide playing in clubs everywhere from Miami to Dubai.

Although music has been a part of Marcoahz’s life from very early on he’s only been in the public spotlight for about 3 years. Even so Marcoahz produces all of his music with collaborative efforts with EI FT under his self-titled brand name. He grabs influences from electronic, reggae, and some pop music to really tailor his sounds for clubs and DJ’s worldwide. His constant growing fan base feeds off the vibes and beats that make his listeners get up and dance.

Spotify link to “Ambiente”


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