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Milwaukee Rapper Romey is Taking the Industry by Storm

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The “Midwest King” Romey is a Milwaukee rapper that is taking the industry by storm. Not only with music but with his fashion sense as well. This guy is a serious hustler with business sense and you can tell by the way he moves in these music industry streets. Being in the industry for a while has given him all types of experience, for him to one day have his own label with his own artists.

Get Rich Records is the name of Romey’s imprint and one of the craziest records that have been released from his imprint, was “Fear The Deer” which is a record representing the Milwaukee Bucks last year when they were on that run for the NBA title. The record was a huge smash and really put a lot of eyes on Romey.

Check out what got everyone in the midwest so hyped up and excited for its next mainstream music industry run. Click the link below to stream right now.

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