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Grammy-Winning Entertainment Executive Dani Stephenson Gets Awarded the ‘Points Of Light’ Honour by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for Highlighting the Voices of Young Aspiring Creatives from Disadvantaged Backgrounds Nationwide

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Dani Stephenson, the founder and president of Straight Forward Music Group has been awarded with the prestigious ‘Points Of Light’ honour by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and the Cabinet Office, for making a huge impact in inspiring the next generation of aspiring youth through his community volunteering, to help educate, support and mentor underprivileged communities worldwide. The ‘Points Of Light’ award recognises outstanding individual volunteers, people who are making a big impact in their community.

Dani said, “What a humbling experience, it’s a very surreal and proud moment, through all of the trials and tribulations the world has been through over the last couple of years, all I’ve done is the best I can to help those in need. It never really enters your mind that people will be taking notice enough to give an award. Volunteering has always been a passion of mine, to give back to the community, so to get this level of recognition is unbelievable. I accept this award with the utmost gratitude, and extend it to all those people around the world that are on the frontline making a difference, as well as the people that have helped me over the years in my charity and community endeavours, without all of us pulling together as a united team, none of this is possible.”

He recently met up with the Mayor of Maidstone, Cllr Fay Gooch and the Mayor’s Consort, Mr Peter Gooch who both congratulated him on his award. The Mayor of Maidstone, Cllr Fay Gooch said;

 “I was delighted to meet Dani to warmly congratulate him on his award. I was very impressed by his achievements, all through hard work and determination. What particularly struck me was his mission to voluntarily share his experiences with young people in low-income households, to encourage them to take positive steps to shape their own futures. He’s an extraordinary chap.”

Dani is a multi-platinum, Brit Award, Grammy-winning entertainment executive and producer who founded ‘Straight Forward Music Group’, an entertainment company that launched it’s philanthropist arm called ‘Straight Forward Giving’ to highlight the voices of young aspiring creatives, from disadvantaged backgrounds, to create educational initiatives, job opportunities and offer mentorship for communities worldwide.

He’s worked alongside many major global artists such as Don Diablo, KSI, Nana Rogues, Terry Pastor, Ed Sheeran, Drake and many more. His most recent project involved working with Marvel Studio’s and Disney to executive produce and compose music for the newest Marvel Studio’s production called “Eternals”. The opening week grew into a box office hit, charting as the No. #1 film in the world whilst accumulating $161.7 million in global sales.

In 2015 Dani formed ‘Straight Forward Giving’ to provide opportunities for the next generation of young people from deprived communities, who, like himself, were also raised in lower-income households, who struggled to gain the knowledge and access to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Dani has supported a range of projects and programmes over the last 20 years, working with ‘Children In Need’, ‘Tovil Quality Of Life Forum’ and ‘The Prince’s Trust Foundation’ to name a few, in which he is a voluntary mentor for the Prince’s Trust mentorship programme. Dani has also taken an active role during the COVID-19 pandemic by keeping his recording facilities open for some of his community mentees to use as well as supporting vulnerable families by donating profits from his latest releases to charities to help those affected by the pandemic.

Passionately, he shared, “My mission is to start turning the tide in underprivileged communities through the power of music, education and mentorship, to empower the next generation from all backgrounds and communities.”

The visionary went on to share, “It’s important we start installing confidence in the youth throughout deprived communities, they have the power to achieve anything in life with hard work and knowledge, my motto is “The only limits in life are those we create for ourselves, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

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