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Temple Naylor Gaining Global Popularity as an Independent Music Artist

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Temple Naylor is a self-made musician who has struggled hard to carve out a unique position in the music industry. He has faced many hurdles throughout his journey of pursuing music, but nothing has stopped him from continuing his passion for music.

Temple is known to express his inner feelings through his music and believes that music is one of the most essential things in a person’s life. Music helped him take care of himself when he struggled to make a name and constantly failed for four years. For him, music is the best healer and provides you with the perfect solace from sadness. Music is perhaps the best way to overcome trauma, find happiness in solitude and give your mind a boost any time of the day!

Despite facing endless struggles like financial constraints and family pressure to pursue an Engineering degree, Temple dropped out of high school and decided to pursue his passion for music. “It was the only way to feel like my life was in my control. Music helps me breathe, it is what I need the most.”

Initially, Temple did not find support but as four years passed, his efforts started getting recognition. He began signing offers from major labels and started getting offers to perform his soulful music at various events across the USA and abroad. He believes he needs to expand his knowledge of the music industry a lot more, to blend in and be a part of it. 

Today, he is not just a well-known music artist known internationally but also prides in the fact that his family fully supports his passion. “It took them a while to understand that engineering was never my true calling. I am good at math, yes. The physical world has intrigued me as a child, and I have always loved solving problems. But who says that I cannot use the same skills in my music, after all, I am creative. And I am glad they realized it soon!” 

Temple has traveled across eight countries and performed at several events. He has won awards for the best upcoming music artist but for him these awards are meaningless. Temple believes creating good music does not have to be selfish. He does not rely on awards and accolades to do something that he is so passionate about. He makes music for the soul and all those who connect with it.

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