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Shenseea: Up Next Film Preview | Apple Music

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After Shenseea got pregnant at 19, her son became the fuel to her fire. As she tells Apple Music in her Up Next film, “It was like, ’Yo, I got a kid now, it’s go time…because my baby is depending on me.’” Now, at 25, the Jamaican singer is quickly becoming a force in music with her hypnotic blend of dancehall and R&B. Having honed her voice in church from a young age, she’s never concerned herself with reception—first retreating out of shyness and then, as she began to believe more in herself, embracing the unique tonal qualities of her sound. Now, confidence oozes out of everything she touches, from her songs and lyrics to her videos and aesthetic choices, each one reflecting a different side of her. “When you instill discipline, everything else comes after. Because when you’re disciplined, your mentality is so strong, and that’s where confidence comes in,” she says in the film. “You know who you are, you know what you’re about, you know what you want.” In an interview with Nadeska, she doubles down, adding that she’s “more ready than ever” for everything to come. “It feels like this is a moment I’ve been waiting for all my life.” Watch Shenseea’s film and interview—along with selections from the rest of the artists in the Up Next series—and pre-add her forthcoming debut:

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