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DJ Jimmy Entourage’s Favourite; 2 Netflix Shows On Dj That You Can’t Miss

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Netflix has some cool music documentaries to offer. Here are some of DJ Jimmy Entourage’s favorites.

20 Feet From Stardom tops the list. The documentary talks about people with incredible talents that helped steer others to stardom yet the world never got to know their names. The documentary also traces the power of African-American male and female backup singers in pop and rock music and their out-of-this-world reach. It is intriguing in every sense.

The next one is quite special because it examines the build-up of the great DJ Steve Aoki to his biggest show of 2016. It deciphers deep into the root of his persona, his driving force, and eventually success. I’ll sleep when I’m dead is a must-watch for every DJ. You will easily relate as you witness a side of Aoki that is never displayed in public.

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