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YungSaySo Lands Himself A Feature On “Never Graduated”

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Cameron Carson or more professionally known as YungSaySo is an 18 year old independent aspiring artist from Albany, NY. He has been creating music since he was in 8th grade. His music is a variety of different blends from inspirations, including Lil Peep and Mac Miller. YungSaySo’s potential to create a new genre of music for the younger generation; the opportunities are endless. YungSaySo’s variety of crossbred genre’s trap, hip-hop, drill, punk rock, and alternative rock and
his recent success is attributed to his passion, patience, persistence and hard work you can always find him doing the vamp life in the studio making bangers on his SoundCloud.
Cam’s brother LilFxllout has been coaching him and played a significant role in his music career, by providing support and encouraging him to succeed and follow his dreams even though he never graduated, but now seeing success from his fans across the globe has landed him many opportunities to flourish as an indie artist.
YungSaySo has released several singles including “Another White Line”, “Cocaine Bane”, “Crossroads”, and “Pulp Fiction”. YungSayso recently landed himself a feature on one of the most established 518 artists Jake Strain’s new single coming soon called “Never Graduated” ft YungSaySo.
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