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Tropical & Rhythmic: How Artist Iamcassimanner Fell in Love with Making Music

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Based out of the tropical destination of Hawaii, this island girl is making a name for herself throughout the industry and is taking her career to a whole new level. What originally started off as a quarantine hobby and a way to de-stress and express herself, Iamcassimanner has really fallen in love with the art of making music, and her fans are agreeing with her.

Always a go-getter, Iamcassimanner never does anything with half effort. So when she noticed that she was gaining traction with her beachy hits, she has gone full-force into her music career and isn’t looking back. She knows that nothing will be handed to her overnight, so she makes it a point to give it her all and let the opportunities arise.

Talented in many aspects of her life, Iamcassimanner has business ventures in multiple areas, and her latest endeavor into the music industry is only the most recent in a successful line-up of career highlights.

Looking ahead, Iamcassimanner looks to put in time in the studio and perfect her craft even more, and release more music for her fans to enjoy. To hear more from Iamcassimanner and stay up-to-date with her latest projects you can check her out at the following links:

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