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Meet Jack Kellogg: A Rising Musician to Look Out For

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Jack Kellogg’s rise to success is a true representation of the ancient Latin phrase :

Veni, Vidi, Vici. I came, I saw, I conquered.

The musician has swept the modern music industry with his soulful music that is for all generations. His upbeat pieces, soothing music, and beautiful lyrics are food for the soul. Jack is heard and loved by people all over the USA and across the world.

Jack knew from the start that his true calling lay in the art of creating music for the soul. That is what he always aspired to do from the start. Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, he realized his passion early in life. He recalls the tough circumstances he grew up in. “My parents didn’t make a lot of money. My dad was an electrician and my mom was a school bus driver. My parents struggled with Alcohol when I was growing up. The house I lived in was about 1000 square feet, I had no privacy. I grew up with a learning disability, dyslexia. I struggled with reading, writing, and spelling. Also, this caused a lot of bullies in school. I found outlets, video games, sports, working out where I could excel and forget about the struggles.”

Despite finding outlets to escape life, his heart did not settle in one place. He was always looking for more. He realized at the age of 14 that music was what kept him going through the struggles of life. It made him stronger and helped him fight his circumstances in a much better way.

It played a massive role in Jack’s life and when kids his age were playing on the streets, he would try his skills as a bathroom singer. He grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Adam Levine, and many other old and new artists. His ideal pastime was replicating musical tunes and singing to himself.

His mother played a crucial role in helping him further his passion for music. She bought him his first guitar from a thrift shop. Old and battered, but Jack adored it. It was perhaps the best gift he had ever received. He would spend days and nights on it, creating tunes and rhythms, and every time he came up with something new, his mom danced to it. She was his muse and he loved singing to her.

Today, even though the list of Jack’s supporters and listeners has increased exponentially and people all over the world listen to tunes and dance to his notes, he is proud of the fact that his mother remains his biggest supporter. A musician to look out for, Jack Kellogg continues to rise high up above the ladder of fame and success.

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