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3azy Kane is a Versatile and Inspiring Artist

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3azy Kane is a talented up-and-coming artist from West Philadelphia. Growing up in West Philadelphia he was always surrounded by rap music which is where he discovered his love for music. He started to take music more seriously when he went to college and his label mate Hollywood Kane got him to start rapping. At this time, they were part of a group called Kanegang where they made music and beats together. Since then, he has started a partnership with an indie label called Kammb Mile High Gang, also known as KMG. At KMG he can express himself as an artist and try new sounds. When his fans listen to his music, they will be able to hear how versatile he is as an artist and all that he brings to the table which makes him a huge asset to the industry. He works with a lot of different people to be able to produce his hits including Elijah Paris, BuckRoll beats, Frank Down Norf, and Ulisses Beats. These people help him craft his music into the best-finished product possible to give out to his fans. When making music he also looks for inspiration from artists such as Tupac, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar. He appreciates their raw talent, inspiring messages, and their ability to create timeless hits. 3azy Kane’s fans are excited for the upcoming release of his song “Demon Time ” featuring Hollywood Kane and Kur which is set to release in mid-February. He also has a new EP called “NEGUS” coming out in late February you won’t want to miss.


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