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MDL CHLD aka Chris Corsini

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MDL CHLD pka/ Chris Corsini releases the most inclusive music video of the year, “Funk (About You” Feat. Nicole D’Amato it’s a feel good song about minding your own business, knowing your worth, and focusing on yourself. When other people try to distract you with their bullshit, or they overstep, this play-on-words is to remind yourself we don’t have to give a Funk about anyone other than ourselves.

The Music video highlights the inclusivity we all need in this world with an Onscreen tri-lingual Deaf performer, behind the scenes Deaf Black Female ASL Coach, Deaf Caption artist working

to design more visually appealing captions to entertain Deaf viewers and that’s just the beginning. Their’s 2 Trans-woman in the video including “Lola Herself” who was recently published for the 2nd time in Vogue Portugal. There is 3 Gay men (including Chris), Queer

costumer designer, gay make up artist, Queer choreographer and to top it all off a BIPOC team in Toronto filming Greenscreen scene for Nicole. The feature artist Nicole is a Rights Activist & this is her premier release. The entire crew to create this visual was a mixture of people from both North & South America, Europe and Africa. If you’re unfamiliar with who MDL CHLD pka Chris Corsini is, he is reshaping the accessibility and inclusivity in both the arts & spiritual communities. He is a Certified ASL/English interpreter and has interpreted concerts for JayZ, Panic! At The Disco, Shawn Mendes, Jonas Brothers and more. Chris has created a massive Worldwide buzz with his Tarot readings and spiritual workshops accessible for all. Tell me you’re not blown away by the powerhouse MDL CHLD is pushing and spreading light on both the Deaf and LGBTQI Community.

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