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This is Hip-Hop’s New Voice: Mouse Jones Debut’s onRock The Bells w/ “WAX FACTS”

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Just like many of the greats that have come before him, Jones’s unique approach to expressing his thoughts Comedically and sometimes Controversially has become his signature as well as the vehicle he uses to drive essential conversations home.

We, the people, all have our opinions, and then some of us have been gifted to initiate and or participate in conversations with the masses.

Mouse Jones has joined The Rock The Bells Platform to do just that, Weekly! On his New “WAX FACTS” Show.

Founded in 2018 by Hip-Hop Icon LL COOL J, Rock The Bells focuses on original content, commerce, and elevated experiences that honor the culture and the core elements of Hip-Hop. This movement includes MC’S, DJ’S, Breakdancers, Graffiti Artists, to name a few.

Inspired by the now and energized by the future, RTB is the bridge between OG’s and those inspired by their groundbreaking influences on the culture.

Host, Television-Personality, and Social Commentator Mouse Jones joined The Rock The Bells Roster and currently stars in the All-New Original “WAX FACTS” that will showcase his personal views and takes on One Hit Wonders whose Cultural Influence reaches far past their “ERA” in Entertainment.

RTB/ “Wax Facts” Executive Producer Snypes Murdock States:

“Rock The Bells believes in allowing Creatives to be just that, Unapologetically Creative. We’re excited to have Mouse Jones, and we can’t wait to witness The Necessary Conversations Jones will start by way of The All-New Weekly “Wax Facts” Series!”

The 1st Episode of “Wax Facts” Premiered 2/17/2022 Exclusively on The Rock The Bells Platform!

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