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Artist and Producer Iampandapanda Releases “The Takeover”

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Hailing from Oakland, this Vietnam-born artist is hitting the music scene with a bang, catching the attention of many throughout the industry as he makes his debut as an artist under the name Iampandapanda. Already having a successful career in the cannabis industry, Iampandapanda has built a solid audience and backing behind him that will propel him to success with this new endeavor.

Never expecting success to be handed to him, Iampandapanda has worked diligently and relentlessly throughout his career to build his brand and leave his mark on the industry. He appreciates all the wisdom he has been able to gain from the industry greats, and he looks forward to his chance to give back to those who are coming up in his footsteps as well.

Always having a deep love and respect for the craft, music was a staple throughout his upbringing, though he never thought about a music career for himself until recently. Taking his own shot at being behind the mic, Iampandapanda is loving this new way to express himself and be creative.

He will be one to watch over the coming year as he shows his fans what he’s been working on, and you can hear more from Iampandapanda and stay up-to-date with his latest projects by checking him out at the following links:

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