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M3LO Capone: The Next Biggest Artist

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Despite his struggles, pain, and losses, M3LO Capone wishes to take his music and everything else that comes with it to create an impact on people lives who are in need to enjoy themselves and free themselves. M3LO Capone is without a doubt an inspirational artist, coming from the southside of Englewood area, he grew up on the southside of Chicago, experiencing many things in life at a young age, however, he stated that this is what made him the man he is today.

He began to make music at the age of 14 as a therapeutic way to speak his mind as well as to express how he feels inside before her became serious when he realized that his ability to make music could stem a career from it. In regard to M3LO’s goals when it comes to his music career, he wishes to have an international impact with his wave and sound, planning to connect with people everywhere and have longevity when it comes to this game, he stated “Having a career that pays well and will open the doors for other lanes in life he states additionally.”

M3LO Capone’s next plan is to take his career to the next level with consistency allowing him to use his brand to partner with larger companies and pursue multiple lanes that generate income for him and his family for generations to come.
M3LO Capone wishes to further mention, “I want everyone to know Never Give up!! Because once you have given up you have already lost. Coming from a strong past of making music, M3LO Capone is currently working on a mixtape titled ‘All Gas No Breaks’ that is coming out once he drops a few more videos and grows his fan base a little more so they could share with their friends on top of the promotion. You may listen to M3LO Capone on streaming platforms and follow him on all of his social media to keep up to date for what is next in his career!

Instagram: M3locapone
Facebook: M3LO Capone
YouTube: ABS M3LO Capone
TikTok: M3locapone
SnapChat: M3loBlessed

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