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Artist Adam Medvedev Speaks on New Music, Musical Journey and Upcoming Tour

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What does it take to make it out of a city seen as 3rd worst in the US? Well, there’s rising artist Adam Medvedev who tirelessly worked a day in a day out perfecting his craft to get his mother and grandparents where they want to be. Adam was born in Baltimore City with a family origin of Ukraine. He is the first in the family to have the ability to really show a major change. Russian was his first language as always spoken at home.  The 23-year-old artist uses his family as motivation to push him the be the best individual he can be.

 Adam says how grateful and glad he is to be in this situation. Medvedev exclaims that “I hate being from Baltimore but at the same time it’s exactly right. Life can’t be easy, and it can’t be boring.” Adam speaks out about it’s all 1 huge game and we choose the main players. His vision for his music career is to get to the point where he provides so much value to his listeners, he will be able to make a noticeable impact on their lives. Unlike most, Adam sees the entire world as a business even down to friends and relationships. Medvedev states that “We live in a world that is not understood and almost everything isn’t taught. You are placed in a position and are told to just live.”

Adam claims he is different in a way that’s he never been able to relate to anyone. Much isn’t spoken about, but he’s got plans for the world to see his mindset. Music has been a way for him to connect business and creativity. He produced songs in order to get his foot in the door then once he was in he changed the door. His goal is not to be the richest but to get the knowledge in order to impact the music industry. Medvedev believes nothing is greater than value. Some of the most memorable people in history were known because of the knowledge and value they provided to the world. Let’s see what’s coming up for Adam and hopefully what will happen with him being here. You can stream his music on Spotify HERE. You can also follow along his journey by following him on his Instagram account @sneakz.


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