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Mondoe2xx Making Significant Strides in the Music Industry

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Life is a long journey filled with road bumps, and while there are people who know how to land on their feet, not everyone can do the same. Others stumble and fall, leading to a heavy cloud of gloom, depression, and pain. Armani Smith is an individual who has been using his musical gifts to uplift such people. Taking on the stage name Mondoe2xx, the rising artist has been using his platform to reach out to people struggling in life.

Born in Washington, DC, Mondoe2xx and his family would move South and eventually settled in Gaffney, South Carolina, when he was 14. Even at an early age, the rising artist faced tragedy as he lost his older brother to a car accident. The event ushered a dark period into his life, but he would find salvation in music four years later. Although he had the potential to thrive, Mondoe2xx would shift his focus to other endeavors. He joined the army at 23. But his stint would only last for two years before he was out. In 2019, another tragedy occurred when he lost his mother.

Although he would grieve for a period, Mondoe2xx recovered in 2020 to start his production company, Birdz Eye View Productions. He moved to Los Angeles, where he started shooting music videos. But even then, he wanted to do more. Mondoe2xx later attended The New York Film Academy to study filmmaking and producing.

By then, Mondoe2xx had already had his fair share of losses, but 2021 would not give him room to breathe. He lost his best friend, Isaac Lattimore, to gun violence. Shaken up about losing another loved one, Mondoe2xx decided that it was time to give his music career a shot.

Since then, the rising artist has been busy producing works in his studio. However, Mondoe2xx made it a point that he wouldn’t be sugar-coating his music with his platform, giving listeners a raw and genuine experience. As an artist, Mondoe2xx strives to give hope to people who have dealt with a lot of pain and give hope to those who feel as if it was impossible to make it out of their situation. 

With how congested the music industry has become, the artist knew he had to find a way to set himself apart from his peers. Fortunately, Mondoe2xx’s arsenal of skills includes his versatility.

“I have so many different styles so my audience won’t get bored of me,” Mondoe2xx explained. “I write all of my own music, and I have a clear vision of what type of music I want to make and who I make it for. I basically live in the studio, so I’m constantly working on my craft. I work hard, and I do my research. I invest in myself.”

The rising artist is working towards the goal of uplifting people who have been through many things in life, from poverty to death. “Those who understand you have to do what you have to do by any means to make your dreams a reality,” described Mondoe2xx. “I want to reach people who have lost loved ones and sometimes feel like they don’t want to keep going. I want to be able to help through my music.”

While his career is still on the rise, Mondoe2xx already foresees a career where he resides in Hollywood Hills while attending the Grammys. Additionally, he sees his businesses becoming multimillion-dollar businesses with artists signed to his label.

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