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LXIV 64, Helping Musicians Break Through The Music Industry

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Raised in Jerusalem, LXIV 64, whose real name is Raffoul Saadeh, is a hip hop artist and songwriter utilizing his addictive tunes to rise from the ruin of war. He began rapping as a teenager to overcome the pains of conflict, a broken family, and anxiety.

Most artists fail to break into the industry. Majority have tried to make a name for themselves out there or try to get more gigs with little or no success. However, there is nothing to worry about. 

There is hope with LXIV Entertainment, founded by LXIV 64.  Despite being at the forefront of producing, distributing and managing musicians from conflict zones, they have focused on growing young talent. LXIV 64 understands that by pushing and challenging artists to leverage their talents with determination and dedication, they can have a strong footprint in the industry. 

LXIV 64, having come from a conflict zone, understands how such neglected areas possess rich untapped talents. According to LXIV 64 “There is incredible talent in areas that are neglected by the industry, and our mission is to identify and provide our artists with the tools to share their talent with the world, as well as earn income that will strengthen their economic, mental, and social conditions. The aim is also to shed light on those communities in dire need of a voice.”

LXIV Entertainment provides the necessary tools to ensure these young artists can share their talents with the world, and that way, they have helped musicians penetrate the music streets. 

Connect to LXIV 64 on Instagram: @lxiv.64

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