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Lu Mun E is fresh off the success of his acclaimed album release, Money Machine Music.

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Is it still possible to make great Trap music in this day and age? Some people seem to think that all’s been said and done, and that the genre has exhausted it’s full creative potential some time ago. However, artists like Lu Mun E are here to prove the naysayers wrong, and to show the world that hip-hop music is far from dead. On the contrary, it’s alive and well, and artists like Lu Mun E are making the most out of the genre’s intensively diverse possibilities. His most recent 8 track release, Money Machine Music, tips its toes into the warm and organic sounds of the “golden age” of the genre, but the artist is also looking for ways to keep his formula fresh and inspiring for a new generation of listeners. As a result, Money Machine Music feels like a perfect bridge between the timeless sound of a genre, and the push of a new generation, keeping the music on the move and allowing for some extra growth.

The album features eight songs, including the brilliant opener “Money,” which sets the mood to absolute perfection. In addition, the second song “Billionaire,” showcases the artist’s incredibly diverse vibe by highlighting his varied approach to music production and creative dynamics. In other words, this track is still energetic, but it also reveals Lu Mun E’s ability to come up with some memorable vocal hooks to match the dynamic range of the rap delivery. “Paper Chasers” is another fantastic highlight on this particular release, especially because of the way that the beat unfolds as the song progresses, showcasing Lu Mun E’s ability to come up with some astonishing creative solutions. “Make That Cake” and “Win With Me” are two additional highlights from this album, but really, everything about this project is a win, the tracks are incredibly well-produced, and Lu Mun E’s flow and delivery excellence are comparable with the work of some of the best rap artist of our times. Fans of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West or Jay Z are most definitely going to appreciate the thoughtful, high-quality production on this album, which is a fantastic gateway into Lu Mun E’s creativity and music as a whole. Once you are done with this release, you’ll undoubtedly want to dive even deeper into the artist’s discography, and you are in luck, because he has got plenty of stuff posted on streaming services right now.

So, what does this artist do with his time when he is not in a recording studio, you might wonder? Well, in his own words – he is “always working.” Lu Mun E lives and breathes music on a 24/7 basis, because when he is not busy working in the studio environment, he is either working to shop for beats, promoting music, or thinking and dreaming about his future recording projects! However, he still thinks that there is one thing in life that comes before everything else, and that’s family. This is why you’ll often find Lu Mun E spending some quality time with his family outside his musical endeavors!

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