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Kofi Sonny Continues To Disrupt The Airwaves With His Latest Song Accra

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Kofi Sonny was born around the plentiful Ashanti Region of Ghana, in the gorgeous city of Kumasi. During his time in Ghana, Kofi Sonny was constantly surrounded by instrumentals within his family fueling his limitless range of success. Kofi Sonny takes a trip down memory lane where he explains to us the first time his grandmother taught Kofi how to play his first instrument. Kofi’s family later relocated to King of Prussia, a suburb north of Philadelphia, in 1993.

For Kofi, making music is not just a means to earn revenue, it’s much more than that. The real driving force behind his passion for music lies in the listener’s ability to identify and relate with his craft. To put it in perspective, Kofi creates music based on the brand visibility for himself and the others when they relate their experiences throughout life with his content.

According to Kofi, music has allowed him to express himself, his emotions, and past life experiences which he once found difficult to express. Recently Kofi released a new single, called “Accra” which emphasizes his production ability. This track has gained the attention of thousands of new listeners from his hometown and nationwide. Because of this Kofi Sonny has been featured on the trending charts for Spotify and featured on several other top chart playlists. All this new attention, Kofi has been receiving, has opened up many new opportunities for him as a producer. Kofi recently just wrapped up many new interviews on major hip-hop blogs such as Hip-hop Since 1987, Genius, and much more.

Kofi Sonny’s music is deeply personal to himself, the creativity of his craft has always helped listeners gain a connection that almost no artist can craft. Kofi is currently focused on finalizing the newest album he announced on February 2nd. Many fans are very eager and excited for his release. Kofi believes that all the success he is receiving will be able to help him stay motivated and create more music.

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