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Desmond Antonio Hanks aka “Krackkah Jack” is Creating More Miami Heat Than Jimmy Butler

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It’s no secret that Florida is home to hip-hop royalty, from Flo Rida to DJ Khaled Miami has been on top of the charts for the last decade. As motorists cruise down I-95 to the pristine beaches of South Beach, an emerging artist is lighting up the airwaves by the name of Krackkah Jhack of Black Ave Records.

Inspired by legends such as Trick Daddy and Trina, Krackkah Jhack has promised to “bring the real rap back,” something that he feels has been missing from the industry for far too long. Jhack started out on the streets of Miami at a young age, with a body of work starting in junior highschool, he has been perfecting his delivery and honing his skills on the mic, so much so that he was signed to a local record label within junior highschool called Deadline Gangstas (DLG). His career in the game dates back over 20 years, and he has gained experience on every level of the game.

Krackkah Jhack has noticed a trend in the music industry, in which artists promote lyrics that do not reflect their real-life experiences. Listeners and fans can easily verify falsehoods through social media, but usually do not need to because the lyrics’ authenticity stands out as a dead giveaway. Jhack does not have to worry about this, as he has been channeling the harshest realities of life into his lyrics from an early age. Among the most notable of these was an incident in 2010, when Jhack was shot twice in the Pork n Beans projects of Liberty Square. He recalls vividly two men waiting outside to kill his sister, explaining: “If you’re gonna shoot me, shoot me.” There were people outside. Desmond, duck!” So I’m like, “Duck?” And all I hear is shots going off. I end up lifting up my right arm and I see blood streaming out and I’m like, “I’m gonna die. So I just started panicking. People around me told me to sit down on the ground, you know, call 911.”

These experiences have elevated his ability to connect pen to paper and articulate his rhymes and deliver which is felt by adoring fans across the Sunshine State and creating a massive buzz which is catching the ears of major labels. Krackkah Jhack has already demonstrated his business acumen by launching his clothing line, Krazy Intuition, as well as demonstrating outreach to community members to shed positivity upon the younger generation who, he believes, need a specific guide in an era where negative influences are everywhere.
Jhacks’ maxing out with his top single “You Got Me F*$ked Up” which is widely regarded as one of the hottest tracks released off of his upcoming freshman album. The single will be remixed with a cypher of all the best emcees in the game. The single has been picked up in over 30 countries and is tracking to be in over 100 countries within the next few months. The future of Jhack, as one of the top- artists with Black Ave Records, is set to be a busy one as he releases future tracks that have the capability of sending shockwaves across the globe in the coming months.

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