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Brenxnrg Floats On Latest Hit “Shottas”

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Brenxnrg is wasting no time showcasing his skillful songwriting as he consistently drops smash hit singles just two months into 2022. On his latest hit, “Shottas,” the Florida rapper strikes again. The track’s beautiful guitar ballad with slow-ticking drums gives a sturdy foundation, which brenxnrg flows over comfortably. He raps about love, hate, and fame, charting the pros and cons of these experiences in his life.


Being such a versatile artist, brenxnrg knows how to shift between subject matter on a song by song basis. While some of his songs are flexed up club anthems, he also knows how to make something more emotional and connective. That’s what he does with “Shottas” and he does it well. It’s an after-midnight tune, introspective in all its glory.


It appears that 2022 is going to be an impressive year for the Miami native. With new singles always around the corner, every song drop is going to be an exciting one. Yes, brenxnrg is only getting started, but it’s evident that he’s got a lot more in store for the world.


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